How to Choose Flooring for Your Home

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While designing a new home, it is important to give major consideration to the interior décor because it adds more beauty to lifestyle. Experts believe that feel of home can be enhanced easily by choosing the right type of flooring. However, while making a selection for the type of flooring at home, you may have to go through a wide analysis. The ultimate selection of flooring usually depends on lifestyle, traffic in the area and budget. If you are about to renovate your home with new flooring or are finishing your new home with best flooring arrangements, it is good to follow these tips for selection of a right element.


The lifestyle of your family matters the most for selection of flooring. If you have pets and kids at home or serve huge traffic in a routine then plush carpets are not made for you. Generally, the heavy traffic areas must be treated with resilient flooring solution such as wood, vinyl, and tile. In case if you live in a house with limited traffic, it is easier to enjoy little softer touch for your foot with attractive area rugs on the wooden floor.

Location of your Home:

We always wish to achieve wow factor for flooring at entry points but experts say it is important to give major consideration to durable flooring solution. In case if your home is in the area that is more affected by rain, snow or mud, it is good to look for high-quality floorings such as wood, tile or slate as they can be easily maintained in such rough conditions. At the same time, prefer to place entry mats outside the main door so that your floor can stay cleaner. Note that laminate wood and hardwood flooring is not recommended for kitchen or bathroom areas as they cannot sustain higher moisture content. These floors are susceptible to warping or other moisture-related damage.

Cost of flooring:

Price of flooring matters a lot because home designing is an expensive affair; hence, homeowners always need a budget-friendly solution for décor. The cost of flooring materials and the costs of carpet depend upon their quality. Generally, synthetic carpets are less costly as compared to Berber carpets.  If you are looking for highly durable flooring solutions, they will naturally add more cost to your project. If you are planning to install carpets, it is good to use a good quality carpet pad below to ensure more comfort and durability. However, marble, slate and ceramic tiles are usually more expensive as compared to the simple carpets. Most affordable choice these days is laminate and wood flooring but homeowners also prefer tile as they demand lesser maintenance after installation.

Eco-friendly flooring:

Some of you might be interested to install flooring that is good for the environment.  In this case, the best suggestions are cork flooring, bamboo wood, and recycled glass tiles. If you are in need of soundproof flooring, cork flooring is the best choice but you will not find it suitable for high heels.

Costs of Carpet

carpet costs

If your goal is to complete a home remodel on a budget, your probably considering installing carpet instead of hardwood floors. The reason being that the initial purchase and installation of hardwood floors is much more expensive than carpet.

However, over the lifetime of the flooring, you will come to find that the costs of carpet will eventually surpass the cost of hardwood floor. The choice then becomes whether you want to save money during the home remodel and install carpet or save money in the long run and install hardwood floor.

Here are some of the costs of carpet in a home:

#1. Carpet & Carpet Pad

First of all, you still have to purchase the carpet and for wall-to-wall carpet in a room or an entire home will cost several thousand dollars, even if you decide to purchase a low-quality polyester carpet fiber. If you choose nylon or a natural carpet fiber the cost will increase.

You also need to purchase a carpet pad which is $3-5 per square yard. We recommend investing in a quality carpet pad too because it will help extend the lifetime of the carpet and prevent odors and mildew.

#2. Carpet Installation

You also will need to hire a professional carpet installer after you purchase the carpet. This is because the installation is very important to both the style and the performance of the carpet. You can save some money if you attempt DIY carpet removal but we do not recommend you attempt to install the carpet yourself.

#3. Carpet Cleaning

You never have to pay for someone to clean your hardwood floor. You can clean a hardwood floor with a broom and a little elbow grease.

However, you will need to hire a professional carpet cleaner each year. The cost of carpet cleaning can range from $100-$300 per year and it is not something you should ignore because the carpet will wear down fast if left dirty for too long.

You can learn more about the importance of carpet cleaning here:

#4. Limited Lifetime

The truth is that even the very best types of carpet will only last 10-15 years before wearing down and needing replacement. You can extend the lifetime of a carpet with proper care and limiting excessive amounts of traffic on any one area but eventually the carpet does need to be replaced. This is not true of hardwood floor. A hardwood floor can last an entire lifetime, so while the initial cost is expensive, it is a one-time cost and not reoccurring.

#5. Resale Value

The resale value of hardwood floor is much higher than carpet. You will find that homes with hardwood floors sell for a much higher price than homes with carpet if all else is equal. If your home remodel is part of a plan to sell your home sometime in the near future, you will recoup most of the costs of the remodel if you choose to install hardwood floor instead of carpet.

You can see that there are several costs of carpet that will eventually surpass the immediate cost of installing hardwood floor in your home. There is no question that hardwood floor is the better investment over time.

Types of Plumbing Tools

plumbing tools

Plumbing repairs and upgrades in your home require that you hire a professional plumber in your area or purchase the necessary plumbing tools and complete the job on your own.

You can save some money and find cheap plumbing tools for sale on and other items for your kitchen or bathroom.

Here are the most common types of plumbing tools and some you will likely need to purchase in order to complete your DIY repair or installation:

Channel Locks

A channel lock is similar to a wrench in that it is used for torque. A channel lock has adjustable locks at its base and a long handle for leverage. A plumber will use a channel lock to tighten or loosen nuts and bolts and to turn metal pipes. Be careful not to use a channel lock with teeth on delicate metal pipes made of chrome. The teeth on the channel lock could scratch and ruin the chrome finish.


We won’t go into too much detail here as you likely now what a screwdriver is and what it is for. This is simply to call out that you will likely need both a flathead and Philips head screwdriver during any type of plumbing repair or installation.


You will need a hacksaw to cut through bolts and piping during a plumbing project. We recommend purchasing a used hacksaw if possible because an old hacksaw blade is actually better than a new blade and will provide a smoother and easier cut. You should also buy a smaller version too for easier access to tight and hard-to-reach spaces during your repair.

Basin Wrench

This is an adjustable, telescopic wrench used for vertical access to nuts and bolts below a sink or basin. Often times during a plumbing projects, nuts and bolts are in awkward and hard-to-reach places that require specific tools necessary for easier access to tightening and loosening them.

Open-Ended & Crescent Wrenches

This is a standard tool for any plumber or repairman. You will need to tighten common bolts on a toilet or boiler and these wrenches are all you need for those types of nuts and bolts.

Every toolbox should include at least one crescent wrench. This is a very convenient tool as its versatile settings come in handy for almost any project, including a DIY plumbing project.

Hand Torch

Your DIY plumbing repair might require welding of copper pipes and other metal plumbing, in which case you will need a handheld torch. Be very careful when using a handheld torch as the flame creates intense heat in a very concentrated area. You should also wear safety goggles and gear when the torch is on.

All of the tools listed above should be all you need for any standard plumbing repair or installation. Each one should last several years after you purchase it. You can purchase them at a specialty plumbing store or your local hardware store or online.

For more questions about types of plumbing tools, use our online contact form.

Home Remodel on a Budget


You need to set a realistic budget before you start a home remodel project. The costs of materials and services add up fast and you need to be prepared when the bills and receipts start to add up. Here are some ideas on how to set a home repair budget and cut costs during the remodel:

#1. DIY vs. Professionals

The best way to stay within a home remodel budget is to do as much DIY work as possible instead of hiring a professional. The cost of labor for paying a professional plumber, painter or contractor is extremely expensive. You can burn up a few hundred dollars of a budget fast if you hire out too much of the remodel.

Be realistic about what you are able to do yourself and then commit to completing the project. Remember, you can always visit our blog for DIY tips or watch helpful videos on YouTube.

You can also ask for favors from neighbors and friends. Your neighbor or friend could help with some of the projects if you offer a free lunch or dinner or promise to help them on some home repair projects at their house at a later date.

#2. Buy Used

Try to buy used materials and home décor items whenever possible. You can find great deals on used items at garage sales and thrift stores in your neighborhood or you can shop on for home items and tools too. You can save so much money if you do a little research and find deals on used items near your.

#3. Quality

You don’t need to purchase the highest quality materials for every aspect of the home remodel. For example, you might love hardwood floor, but the cost of hardwood floor and installing it is extremely expensive. You can save so much money if you choose laminate floor instead. Laminate floor is easy to install on your own and the material is anywhere from $2-3 cheaper per square foot.

There are several other examples where you can save some money if you don’t choose the best materials available and instead opt for the next tier down.

Shop for Your Home on Craigslist

shop on craigslist

To remodel your home is expensive. Even a basic DIY home repair can cost more than expected. You should always be on the lookout to save money and cut costs during a home remodel or repair and one way to do so is to shop on

There are some personal items you won’t want to purchase used or from but there are several home items on that are a thrifty and smart buy.

Top 7 Home Items to Buy on Craigslist:

#1. Bed Frames

We are not recommending you purchase a used mattress from We are just recommending you purchase a used bed frame. A new bed frame can cost $100 or more and you will never notice the difference. This is an easy way to save $50 or more dollars if you are redecorating a bedroom or guest room in your home.

#2. Furniture

Homeowners that move into a larger home or refinish a basement will need to new furniture or at least more furniture. That’s where comes in. Shop on for sofas and recliners and end tables perfect for a basement or extra living space.

#3. Tools

You can’t complete DIY home repair projects without tools. You already have to buy new supplies and materials for the project. Do you really want to buy new tools too? You can find tools in excellent condition available for purchase on and this can save you anywhere from $10-20 a piece. You can even find entire toolsets online for less than $100.

#4. Framed Art

Art is expensive. Framed art is even more expensive. Search for artwork on from sellers just looking to redecorate their home. The artwork should be in great shape, it just isn’t a fit for their décor anymore while it could be perfect for your remodeled living space.

#5. Appliances

You can purchase appliances online from for cheap because the sellers just want them gone. Appliances are bulky, heavy items that use up a lot of space. You can purchase refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines and other appliances on for 5-10x less than if you purchase new ones, you just need some form of transportation to get the used appliances back to your home.

#6. Sinks, Tubs & Showers

If you are remodeling your bathroom in a more traditional or classic décor, you can find older sinks and showers for sale on for a great price. The sellers are probably converting to a more modern style bathroom and will want the classic pieces gone from their home.

#7. Yard Equipment

Lawnmowers, snow blowers, weed trimmers and other landscaping equipment can be found on for very cheap and you can test it before you decide to buy it. You can also purchase shovels, rakes and other outdoor tools for a good price too.

A little research and patience and you can find several amazing deals online at and save yourself hundreds of dollars or even more if you are thrifty where possible.

DIY vs. Professional Home Repairs: What Should I Consider?

Every homeowner is always faced with home repairs from time to time. If you haven’t had one, be sure it will pop up soon. Not just one repair, you’ll have several. For most of us, home repairs are something we’re used to, and we often don’t see the need to hire professional services. We have a sense of independence to the point that we feel we can successfully accomplish everything by ourselves. While there’s some truth in that, there are things that we can never do best. Why do you always want to handle every home repair that pops up?

You love the satisfaction that comes with DIY home repairs, don’t you? Well, there are home repairs that are simple and don’t require any professional training or expertise. With such projects, there’s nothing wrong when you do them yourself. However, some other projects are more complicated and need proper training to handle them. Attempting such projects could put your life and property in danger and at risk of damage respectively. So, how will you determine whether to seek professional help or do-it-yourself? Let’s find out.

Skills and Experience

Any time you’re faced with a home repair, start by asking yourself if you have the skills and experience to handle it. You must be honest with yourself. No one will do this for you. It should be personal. If a task appears simple and doesn’t need any technical expertise, it’s fine to handle it. However, before attempting the task remember a simple home repair can end up becoming worse just by a simple mistake. Of course, you’ll now need to hire a professional to fix your mistake, and any further damage caused. How much do you think this will cost you? It could be double or even triple the initial cost. You better hire a professional right away than waiting for mistakes and further damage to contact one.

Local Building Codes

Every state has building codes, standards, requirements pertaining remodeling projects. If you plan to construct a home addition or have home improvement project that involves extensive electrical work, understand that there are codes and standards to be observed during the project. Some home improvement projects will need permits before the work starts. You shouldn’t even think of handling these projects on your own. Hiring a licensed professional will help process the needed permits and observe the set codes and requirements. You’ll have avoided fines for not following the set guidelines or obtaining permits.

Time Commitment

Extensive home improvement projects require sufficient time to accomplish. Even some tasks you consider easy and you can do yourself might require days or even weeks to accomplish. In such cases, you need someone to help get the job done safely and efficiently. Professionals will not only complete the work quickly and efficiently but also deliver quality work. You’ll have minimal disruption as well.

Possible Dangers

Another factor to consider is the safety risks and danger associated with the home repair work at hand. A licensed technician should handle any work that involves your home electrical system, plumbing system, as well as your heating and cooling systems. Such projects can cause serious injuries, structural damage, and fires when not done properly.