Home Remodel on a Budget


You need to set a realistic budget before you start a home remodel project. The costs of materials and services add up fast and you need to be prepared when the bills and receipts start to add up. Here are some ideas on how to set a home repair budget and cut costs during the remodel:

#1. DIY vs. Professionals

The best way to stay within a home remodel budget is to do as much DIY work as possible instead of hiring a professional. The cost of labor for paying a professional plumber, painter or contractor is extremely expensive. You can burn up a few hundred dollars of a budget fast if you hire out too much of the remodel.

Be realistic about what you are able to do yourself and then commit to completing the project. Remember, you can always visit our blog for DIY tips or watch helpful videos on YouTube.

You can also ask for favors from neighbors and friends. Your neighbor or friend could help with some of the projects if you offer a free lunch or dinner or promise to help them on some home repair projects at their house at a later date.

#2. Buy Used

Try to buy used materials and home décor items whenever possible. You can find great deals on used items at garage sales and thrift stores in your neighborhood or you can shop on craigslist.com for home items and tools too. You can save so much money if you do a little research and find deals on used items near your.

#3. Quality

You don’t need to purchase the highest quality materials for every aspect of the home remodel. For example, you might love hardwood floor, but the cost of hardwood floor and installing it is extremely expensive. You can save so much money if you choose laminate floor instead. Laminate floor is easy to install on your own and the material is anywhere from $2-3 cheaper per square foot.

There are several other examples where you can save some money if you don’t choose the best materials available and instead opt for the next tier down.

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  1. My mom appreciates this article because she’s planning to remodel our house. She especially liked it that she shouldn’t buy the highest quality but choose an alternative instead. My mom does have a budget but not the time to oversee the project, so she decided to look up some contractors to do this project for her.

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